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Why is Ventilation Important?

There is nothing worse than being in a stuffy, smelly place with poor ventilation. Not only can this have an effect on your health but poor airflow can encourage moisture and build up around your workplace or home. So, what’s the solution? A good ventilation system can make a world of difference and help you manage temperature control.

Here’s why ventilation is important.

What is a ventilation system?

Ventilation and air conditioning are often mistaken for each other but there is a difference. A ventilation system can be used to control humidity and air quality by pulling external air and mixing it with the air that’s inside to make it purer. The aim here is not to change the temperature of the room but to remove pollutants and bad smells through purification. On the other hand, air conditioners do not source any air external to the room, they take the existing air, cool it or heat it and then recycle it back into the same room.

What are the benefits of ventilation?

Air regulation

If you want to save on energy bills and have control over your airflow, having a ventilation system installed means you manage how much fresh air is let into the space without having a major dip in temperature.

A reduction in condensation

When an environment becomes warm and damp it can lead to condensation and eventually mould. Breathing in mould spores can be very dangerous for your respiratory system, not to mention the damage it can cause to your property. However, with a good ventilation system installed your home or business should remain condensation-free.

Cleaner air

Since ventilation systems draw in external air, you are much less likely to experience bad smells. Having a good flow of fresh air can make you feel more alert and generally make the environment more pleasant to be in. A well-ventilated room will instantly be more comfortable - creating a more relaxed environment, while also making for a more productive workplace.

At Westcott Refrigeration, we can improve your air quality with a ventilation system that refreshes stale air and keeps your environment feeling fresh. Working across the West Midlands, our professional team will fit high-quality products that efficiently heat or cool your premises as well as conducting repair and maintenance services. For more information get in touch with us today.

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