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Why Are Portable Heating Units a Great Investment?

In the UK, the weather can be very unpredictable but having a portable heating unit is a great way of ensuring that your environment stays warm and cool throughout the year. Both easy to use and effective, these units provide maximum flexibility for your needs.

Here’s why portable heating units are a great investment.

They provide multiple settings

Did you know that portable units can heat, cool and dehumidify? With multiple settings available the unit can be used as a 4 in one product so you’ll have all bases covered. This means you won’t need to purchase more than one system as the unit can operate in more than one way.

Portable units are ideal for temporary use 

If you’re looking for one of the most versatile solutions to resolve a temporary temperature control issue, you should purchase a portable unit. As mentioned, UK weather conditions can go from one extreme to the next so if you need to stay warm or cool down from the warm weather outside, a portable unit does it all!

Can be used in a number of different environments 

The great thing about portable heating units is that they can be moved around easily. Whether you need to warm up your office or cool down your server rooms you can move the unit around easily to wherever needs it the most. Because they are portable, these units are completely mobile so their usage isn’t restricted.

They’re cost-effective

There are many reasons why portable units can save you money. Firstly, because they can provide more than just heating, they eliminate the need for buying more than one unit for each type of heating requirement. Secondly, they can be used throughout the year and lastly, they’re a budget-friendly option.

Should you invest in a portable heating system?

Yes! If you’re looking for an affordable and practical way of heating your home or business a unit could be the best way forward for winter right through until summer. 

At Westcott Refrigeration, our portable heating systems are cost-effective and versatile. With the ability to both heat and cool, whether you are looking to control temperatures in the height of summer or in the depths of winter, we can help. Find a light portable today or browse our other heating and cooling solutions. Get in touch with us for more information.

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