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Stay Cool Anywhere with Portable Air Conditioning Units

A white portable air conditioner

Air conditioners can be expensive to install, which is why so many people opt for portable air conditioning units. These little units can be moved to any room in the house, so you can cool the space you’re in. This immediately makes them more feasible than a large, wall or window-mounted option. 

Here are some of the top benefits of buying an air conditioning unit.

The Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

Wondering why you would choose a tiny compact AC unit over a regular one? There are several reasons they may be a better choice for you. 

Lower Energy Costs

Instead of cooling the entire house or building, you just need to keep the area you’re in at a comfortable temperature. The portable unit makes this easy to do without wasting a lot of energy. Large air conditioning units use more energy and can be expensive to run if you don’t actually need the entire place cooled down. 

No Permanent Installation

Do you live in a rental home? Trying to manage the temperature in a space that’s not yours? Some situations mean you can’t install a permanent unit and, in those cases, you’ll want to look into other options. The portable air conditioning unit is a good alternative to the permanent installations. 

Stay Cool While Travelling

Are you travelling for work or pleasure? Either way, the portable unit can go with you, to ensure you stay comfortably cool anywhere. Just roll it into the bedroom and turn it on. You’ll be surprised at how truly portable the unit actually is. It allows travellers to enjoy the temperature wherever they are. The only issue is that it probably won’t fit in a suitcase to take with you to further destinations. 

Remove Humidity from the Air

The portable AC unit works in such a way that it will help eliminate excess moisture in the air. If you’re dealing with a humid environment, you can cool the area and eliminate the excess moisture at the same time. This is quite useful if you find yourself struggling with humidity in your bedroom or office. Just set up the unit and let it run for a day to help remove that icky feeling from the air and preserve your belongings. 

A portable AC unit is more cost-effective and is easily moved to the space you’re in. If you wish to have cooler air in the kitchen during the morning and the bedroom at night, it’s easy enough to move it around. 

Are you looking for a portable air conditioning unit? Contact us at Wescott Air Conditioning today and learn more about our options. 

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