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Stay Cool Anywhere with Portable Air Conditioning Hire

Are you travelling and end up in an Airbnb or hotel without air conditioning? While this could be a disaster, it doesn’t have to be. Portable air conditioning hire allows you to take a portable air conditioner along with you, wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting your grandparents or staying in a little cabin by a lake, you can still enjoy cooler air.

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What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

Exactly as it sounds, a portable air conditioner is a small air conditioning unit that you can take with you anywhere. It is designed to cool the space you’re in and give you the best air quality possible. 

These portable units do require electricity, so you’ll need to make sure that wherever you’re going has a power source available.

However, these air conditioners are quite effective in small spaces. They have ventilation tubes that may be put out a window or door to allow the heat to be exhausted. While you cannot expect the same level of cooling as you would from a full air conditioner, the portable ones are excellent for providing a more comfortable environment. 

Which Portable AC Should You Hire?

Not sure which machine you should choose? There are a few factors that will help you make a decision.

Size of the Space

First, you need to look at how much space you want to cool down. These portable air conditioners are fairly small, so you can expect them to cool one room at a time. They will cool between 25-33 square metres, depending on the model. 


Some extra features are available on some models. You may want to switch to heat if it’s cooler in the evenings. Most people prefer to have a fan-only mode, as well, since this can provide cooling without the intense air conditioning. Some models also provide a dehumidifying feature.

Noise Level

How much noise are you willing to have in the room? Since the machine must be in the same space in order to reduce the temperature, you’ll have the sound right there beside you. It’s a good idea to ask the rental place which model is quietest if this is a concern. 

Considering your needs before you hire the portable air conditioning unit will help you select the right one for your needs. 

If you’re interested in hiring a portable air conditioning unit this summer, Westcott Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offers two excellent models to choose from. Contact us to reserve yours today. 

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