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Heating Options for Your Office

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Keeping your office warm throughout the colder months of the year is a challenge. You have so many options for heating, which one should you choose? The first step is to understand what is on offer, as well as the pros and cons of each choice. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Gas Central Heating

At this point, gas is the most common way to heat your home throughout most of the UK. It’s relatively clean to burn and has been used for many years. Since most homes are on the national gas grid, this is a cheaper option than most and with a good boiler, you can efficiently heat your entire house.

Wood Burning

Whether you choose a biomass boiler or a wood-burning stove, you’ll be using wood to heat the house. This is a carbon-neutral option and is a good way to ensure you have a nice dry heat that really feels comforting. 

Heating Oil Boiler 

This type of heating requires storing oil in a large tank in your garden. For some, this can be annoying, as it is quite unsightly. The cost of heating oil is lower than electricity but higher than gas and it isn’t that clean to burn. However, there are quite a few boilers to choose from that use oil as their fuel, so your selection is much larger with this type of heating. 

Electric Central Heating

Using your home’s energy to heat it through electrical heaters can be costly, but it’s quite efficient. The heaters are designed to keep the space at a specific, chosen temperature and you can enjoy the heat at any point, without worrying about running out of fuel. 

Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable heating solution that is also renewable, you need a heat pump. This is the heating solution that you need, as it is much cheaper than a boiler and converts to cooling when you need it in the summer. The maintenance is minimal and once this system is installed, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint while keeping the office warm. 

The heat pump works by taking heat from one area and moving it to another. This is a relatively natural process since higher temperature air tends to move to areas where the air is cooler. When needed, a fan moves the air in the correct direction, and it can either add thermal energy or remove it to get the desired temperature. 

Are you interested in an eco-friendlier way to heat your office? A heat pump will save you money and keep the space comfortable. At Westcott Air Conditioning, we offer heat pump installation, as well as other choices for heating your office. 

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