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Can Installing Air Conditioning Prevent Illness?

Air conditioning systems offer many benefits, not only providing temperature control but perhaps even improving your health too. When you’re feeling tired, unwell or have a fever, getting fresh air can relieve your symptoms in the same way as air conditioning and ventilation.

Here are some of the ways that installing air conditioning could prevent illness.

Cleaner air

When a room feels hot and stuffy there is little opportunity for clean air to access the room. In populated areas such as offices, when the same air is circulated all day this means you are breathing in everything that other people are breathing out - bugs and germs included. This could be one of the reasons why illness is so easily spread between colleagues. Installing air conditioning means the air you are breathing in is cleaner and fresher.

Fewers germs

Warm rooms are the perfect place for germs and bacteria to harbour as well as mould. This could be growing on worktops, walls or elsewhere and unbeknown to you, causing illness. Air conditioning makes the environment cooler and therefore an unpleasant breeding ground for these things to grow.

Consistent temperature

Being too hot or too cold can impact your immune system and generally make you feel unwell. However, being able to regulate your temperature throughout the day will keep your body temperature consistent and keep your immune system strong.

Allergy protection

As well as germs and bugs that can be spread through the air, dust, hair and pollen can also affect your health when they are breathed in. If you suffer from allergies that can make you feel unwell and even trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma. Keeping the air clear and circulated will prevent this and make you feel better.

Here at Westcott Air Conditioning, we’re on hand to install high-quality air conditioning and ventilation systems in your home, office or business premises. If you’re looking to improve the feel of your environment, our team is on hand to help. We also offer ongoing maintenance so your purchase stays working efficiently for years to come. Get in touch today for more information. 

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