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Air Conditioning Units and Energy: What You Should Know

Updated: Apr 5

A family sat on a sofa with an air conditioner on the wall

According to one study done by BRE, air conditioning accounts for nearly a tenth of the UK’s power usage. With air conditioning units becoming more and more common across both residential and commercial spaces, the amount of energy used on simply cooling the space is rather high.


Offices use around 40 kWh/m2 during the year and most buildings leave their air conditioning on even during the weekends and evenings. This accounts for a large amount of wasted energy but could easily be turned off to reduce the overall use of energy.

How to Reduce Your AC Energy Use

The first step to reducing the amount of energy your air conditioning unit uses is to turn it off when it isn’t required. Most people don’t need the AC running all night or when they’re not at the house. Newer models allow you to program the unit to come on before you’re due home, which means the house will be cooler for you. 

Increasing the temperature you’re comfortable with is another way to reduce the amount of energy you can use. The air conditioning unit won’t need to work as hard to reduce the temperature, which means less energy use. Even just a few degrees can make a huge difference. 

Using More Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

The older air conditioning systems are nowhere near as efficient as the options now available. You can certainly upgrade your system to ensure you are getting the most out of your air conditioning unit and energy. 

Portable air conditioning units are ideal if you don’t really need to cool the entire building. This allows you to cool just the space you’re in. The cost is much lower and the amount of energy is considerably lower, as well. 

Even with full home systems, there are more efficient choices on the market these days, including new technology that is just being released. Watch for updates on the latest information and see what types of air conditioners are on the market for your needs. You can often find much more efficient options if you look at newer models. 

Whether you are replacing a previous system or simply looking to install your first AC unit, there are many options available to you. Watch how much energy is used by each unit and talk to the vendor about the best choice for your needs and your budget. 

If you are looking for a quality, highly efficient air conditioning system, contact us at Westcott Air Conditioning. We have several options to help you stay comfortable in your home or office. 

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