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Why Portable Air Conditioners Can Be Useful This Summer

There are lots of reasons why portable air conditioning can be very useful in the summer and are advantageous over permanent air conditioning systems such as reduction in energy costs, easy installation and more.

portable air conditioning unit

Reducing energy costs

Instead of cooling the entire house, portable air conditioners target-cool the room you're in. It doesn't make sense to lower your central AC thermostat if you spend most of the day in one location, such as a home office. Your central air conditioning expenditures can be greatly reduced by strategically using a small portable air conditioner.

Easy installation

Heavy machinery and space are needed to install central air conditioning systems with several ducts. Such air conditioning systems can only be installed by qualified professionals, and the installation is permanent.


Even split-system air conditioners need to be permanently mounted on walls. However, portable air conditioners may be installed without the need for specialised knowledge or tools.


Portable air conditioners may be transported from one room to another and are simple to install, in contrast to other air conditioning systems that only chill the specific rooms in which they are put.

Better temperature control

You could benefit from using a portable air conditioning unit if you are the kind of person who always feels warmer than everybody else in your house or workplace.


With portable air conditioners, you can chill a space or a room without disturbing your roommates or coworkers. You might profit from a portable air conditioner by just chilling in that one room, provided the interior area is enclosed. This will maintain a suitable temperature for you while causing little disruption to those close.



If you live in a small place, portable air conditioners are ideal. Numerous residents of studio or one-bedroom flats discover that they are the ideal size for their requirements. Additionally, there is no need for permanent installation, making setup incredibly quick and simple.


Additionally, you might value having windows for their natural light and other benefits. Portable air conditioners save valuable window space since they only occupy a small portion of the aperture, in contrast to window air conditioning units that often occupy the bulk of a window.

Multiple purposes

Numerous portable air conditioners are equipped with features that enable them to serve two purposes. They are handy all year round since they may give warmth in addition to cooling. These devices are appropriate for all seasons since they include a variety of settings, including a fan-only mode, a dehumidification mode, and a sleep mode.


At Westcott Air Conditioning we offer portable air conditioning hire as well as permanent home air con systems. Please contact our air conditioning engineers for further information on the benefits of portable air conditioning services.

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