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Why Is My Air Conditioning So Noisy?

Air conditioning systems are a fantastic option whatever the weather, with these handy units not only capable of cooling a warmer space when conditions are humid, but also creating a warm interior. If an AC unit is your utility of choice, Winter is likely to see an increased use of the hot air functionality, so clarifying any issues before this busy period is often wise. If you’re aware of odd noises coming from an air conditioning system, this may be an early indication of major issues, so consult Westcott Refrigeration for an expert opinion and affordable personalised quote.

A hand holding a remote for an air conditioner

Unfastened Parts

Shrill screeching noises, odd droning or ominous low hums may all indicate that your AC is not functioning as desired, though many of these tones will suggest particular issues. Unfastened parts within the system may well be the problem if an intrusive banging noise becomes apparent, as this may be the result of detached components hitting the fan compressor’s exterior framing. Rattling within the unit will likely discourage you from using it as often due to the annoying sound which accompanies it, so consulting a professional HVAC expert is advised. 

A Faulty Motor

Faulty motors aren’t uncommon within air conditioning units, though regular maintenance should give you the best chance of avoiding this inconvenience. Damaged bearings or a faulty fan belt could be the cause of the malfunctioning motor, and this is often indicated by a high-pitched squealing or squeaking sound. Faulty motors can impair the functionality of your unit, lessening the efficiency of the cooling or warming within your premises.

Dirt And Debris

A buildup of dirt is almost impossible to avoid within any system which includes a fan, as stray components and debris are likely to be sucked in alongside the recycled air. Regular repairs or routine inspections of the connected outdoor condenser unit should suffice, and any concerning noises should be highlighted with your trusted contractor contacted. 

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Electrical Issues

Electrical problems may be the most technical of all, with even the most experienced DIY enthusiast unable to diagnose and repair these pesky problems. This may be the unfortunate issue if you hear a continuous clicking sound, and while it may be normal to hear such a click at the beginning or end of your cooling cycles, recurring random sounds aren’t normal. This sound may even indicate a malfunctioning thermostat, best solved by calling a licensed contractor.

Found yourself searching for an ‘air conditioning service near me’? More than just simply appliance specialists, the Westcott team will advise you on the best AC solution for your requirements. Ensuring that any replacement system or repaired unit is running smoothly, we pride ourselves on excellent installation services. Always endeavouring to check the system you choose works in accordance with your requirements, contact us today for a quote, or to arrange a service. 

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