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What to Do If Your Air Conditioning Breaks Down This Summer

Updated: May 10

No one wants to think about their air conditioning system breaking down, but it does happen. You can prevent it from being a big problem if you maintain your system on a regular basis. However, if your AC does fail on the hottest day of the year, here’s how to manage.

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Call a Repair Person

The very first thing you should do is contact a company like Westcott Air Conditioning to come and fix the problem. If you can get it fixed the same day, this will prevent many issues, but there’s still some time to wait. 

It’s not always possible to fix your air conditioning immediately and if that is the case, you’ll need to make sure you have other options.

Stay Cool 

You should close all the curtains in the house to prevent sunlight from overheating the interior. It’s also important to stay cool as much as possible and to keep any pets and children cool, as well. This may be done by providing plenty of water, dipping feet in a bucket of cool water or providing a dampened towel to lay on.

Get a Temporary Solution

Is it going to take some time to get your system up and running again? If so, you have a couple of choices. First, you can hire a portable air conditioning unit. This is a small unit that will cool a single room. It’s not an elegant solution, but it will help keep things bearable if there is a heatwave. Unfortunately, air conditioners are most likely to break down when you need them the most.

The second option is to stay in a hotel or rental home for a day or two. This will provide the cool that you need and should make life a little more bearable. It’s not always nice to be away from home, but you can think of it as a mini-vacation.

Get in Touch

Need your air conditioning system repaired? Contact us today and we’ll get there as soon as possible to ensure you stay comfortable and safe.

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