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Top Tips For Keeping Your Pets Cool In The Summer Months

Your pets can often be the ones to suffer most during the heights of summer and with global warming ever increasing, summer in the UK can be a lot hotter than in previous years. This blog aims to provide you with some tips on keeping your pets cool this summer.

woman petting dog on summer day

Keep your dog hydrated

Make sure your dog has access to fresh, cool water whether you're taking them on a walk or they're just playing in the backyard. Dogs who don't drink enough water while playing run the danger of developing heat exhaustion. It's crucial to give them regular rest and drink breaks because this is particularly true in hot, humid conditions.


When exercising in warm weather, a dog's water needs are thought to more than quadruple. Bring a foldable water dish or squirt bottle, and make sure they are properly hydrated by giving them little quantities of water every 15 to 20 minutes while they are exercising.

Paws in the heat

Keep your dog off of hot surfaces like concrete or asphalt, or scorching sand if you're at the beach. Your dog's paws might easily become burned by these surfaces, resulting in painful blisters. Avoid placing them on hot surfaces since their paws are the first to feel the heat, keeping them away from discomfort or more severe pain.


You may direct where your dog walks if they are on a leash while you are out and about. They won't be able to express it, but they will enjoy it if you stay away from surfaces that are heated in the sunshine.

Make a cool space

Make a cool, inviting area indoors for your cat to nap in as an excellent approach to shield them from the heat.

Closing the curtains on the warmer side of the home and generating a cool breeze using fans and open windows are easy ways to do this. You can also think about ac installation or if you are hesitant to buy a whole ac system you could perhaps go down the air con hire route for those hotter months.

Spot heat stroke quickly

Heatstroke, one of the most prevalent ailments in dogs in warm weather, develops when your dog's ability to control body temperature is compromised. Excessive drooling and panting, very red gums, vomiting or diarrhoea, and weakness are also symptoms. Heatstroke may be lethal if ignored.


At Westcott Air Conditioning we recognise keeping your pets cool is just as important as yourselves! This is why we have expert air conditioning engineers to hand to support your pets during the hot summer months. Please contact us for more information! 

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