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Top Tips for Keeping Warm in Your Office This Winter

While we may finally be approaching spring, it’s still commonplace to find yourself shivering in the office from time to time. You’ll want to work in the most comfortable environment possible, so it’s a good idea to try and beat the winter blues.


Read on to discover some top tips for staying warm in the office as winter comes to a close.

Keep doors and windows shut

Keeping doors and windows closed can help prevent drafts of air from making your office even colder. Keeping the doors and windows closed prevents the in-flow of cool wind, saving you from chilly breezes.

Dress for the weather

Wearing layers will help you keep warm without cranking up the heat for everyone else in the office. Using a heated blanket or a shawl will definitely shield you from chilling air around your office space and keep you in comfort. Wear a jumper or a fleece jacket, with plenty of layers underneath and even a hat if you deem it necessary - this is a certified way to protect you from the cold.

Invest in a mug warmer

A mug warmer is an essential help in a cold office - this will keep your favourite drink warm throughout the day, as well as your hands!

Wear fingerless gloves

Your hands may feel cold even if you are wearing a jumper. Fingerless gloves give you the flexibility to type or complete other manual tasks, yet provide warmth where you need it the most.

Use a storage heater

If your office is particularly cold, using a storage heater can help create a more comfortable office environment - provided you use it safely and keep it away from any flammable materials. An energy-efficient heater is easily available, and using one would be beneficial for both you and the environment.

Install a heat pump

Even in colder climates, top of the range ASHP heating systems can convert cool air into heat energy to warm up your building and make the environment more comfortable for you, your family or your employees. In fact, heat pump systems can be up to four times more efficient than traditional alternatives, such as radiators or boilers. This is the ideal solution to heat your building when you need it most.


At Westcott Air Conditioning, we supply only the highest-quality ASHP heating equipment from the popular Mitsubishi range, chosen by our heat pump installers because of its energy efficiency and quiet operation. We’re here to meet your air conditioning needs - from aircon installation to heat pump installation, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today if you’ve been searching for an ‘air conditioning service near me’.


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