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Top Reasons To Hire An Air Conditioning Unit This Winter

We’re all looking for new and innovative ways to stay warm at the moment, at a time when energy prices and the everyday cost of living is on the rise. As the weather once again turns cold and the nights draw in, thoughts turn to home heating. Whether you’re putting on an extra jumper to stay warm or looking for technological solutions, the focus is undoubtedly on making cost effective choices.


One option for heating your home or workplace is to consider hiring a portable air conditioner unit, where these can be used both to improve indoor air quality and administer effective temperature control. Portable air conditioners typically have a warm air setting in addition to their cooling capabilities, meaning they can be used in winter to heat your space. Read on to find out more about the many reasons why you should hire an air con unit this season.

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Entering into a hire agreement is especially beneficial if you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to heating your space. If your workplace is expanding or you’re entertaining guests at your home then you may require a temporary heating solution, where hiring an air conditioner unit can allow you to stay warm without making a big commitment to brand new infrastructure.

Portable Heating

Freestanding air conditioner units are entirely portable, meaning you can situate them anywhere in your space where you need some extra heat. Smaller models can be positioned on shelves or tables, where larger floor standing models can also be used to provide warmth to a whole room.


Choosing to hire an air conditioning unit can be more cost effective than buying a new model outright. This is particularly true if you’re only looking for a short term heating solution, or if you wish to try an air conditioning brand before you commit to making a permanent investment.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to the above reasons, a portable air conditioning unit can also provide you with an energy efficient solution to your heating needs. This is because these units can run separately to your gas boiler, meaning they won’t contribute to your centralised heating costs.

Westcott Air Conditioning: Portable Air Conditioner Hire This Winter

At Westcott Air Conditioning, we have a comprehensive range of portable air conditioners for hire, so you can heat your space on your own terms this winter. Alongside this, we can also provide you with a heat pump installation or a permanent air conditioning unit installation according to your requirements. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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