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Tips for the Most Refreshing Summer Ever

Are you planning a refreshing summer? Even in the UK, the heat can get overwhelming sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Here are our tips for staying cool and happy this summer.  

A man swimming in a pool

Use Cotton Sheets

Thin cotton sheets not only prevent sweat from building up, they also help you feel cooler. You should avoid acrylic or polyester bedding during the heat of summer. It will only trap the heat, whereas the cotton is cooler and more breathable. 

Enjoy the Pool

If there is a public pool near you, make sure you use it. It’s helpful to purchase a season pass so you can go as often as you like. However, even if you don’t have access to a pool, filling a child’s pool with water will allow you to dip your feet and stay refreshed. 

Shower with Tepid Water

Ice cold water may seem like a great idea, but it actually stimulates your body to produce more heat. You don’t want that, so stick to showers that are just a few degrees below your body temperature and it will cool you down without causing your body to react with more heat.

Use a Fan with Ice

Set up a fan with a bowl of ice in front of it and you have an instant cooler. While it’s not as good as air conditioning, it will certainly help cool you down. Plus, you can grab a piece of ice to eat when you need a little extra boost of cold. 

Install Air Conditioning

If you can, installing air conditioning is the single most refreshing thing you can do this summer. It will keep your home at just the right temperature and this can be a relief after the summer heat. You’ll find that your home is one of the most relaxing places to be when you have air conditioning and is kept at your preferred temperature.

Get in Touch

Can’t manage a full system just yet? Hire a portable air conditioner to ensure you have at least one room nice and cool. Contact Westcott Air Conditioning to get one now.

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