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Staying Cool In The Office

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The office can be stuffy at the best of times, and with the warmer months on the horizon, exploring your options when it comes to staying cool is a smart idea. Whether you need a solution for the entire office, or require an individual cooldown method at work, there are a wide array of tips, tricks and practical methods to consider as the Summer approaches. At Westcott Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd we offer a comprehensive selection of products from the nation’s leading air conditioning companies. As well as air con hire and aircon installation, we provide heat pumps, home heating and ventilation. Take a look at our customer testimonials page for evidence of our exceptional local service.

Continue reading to find out some of the very best ways you can stay cool in the office.

Open Up The Windows

A simple solution for a stuffy office, opening up closed windows will allow cool air to travel into the room, immediately making the space less humid. The added benefits of opening up windows within cramped rooms is obvious in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, with ventilation introducing fresh air into indoor spaces while removing air which may contain virus particles. Appropriate ventilation can also reduce mould.

Dress For The Weather 

In anticipation for warmer weather, dressing appropriately can make for a much comfier day in the office. Ditching jumpers, blazers and thick coats in favour of thinner material may make for a more relaxing day sat at your desk. If the office dress-code allows it, loose-fitting clothing is advisable, though you should remain mindful of the do’s and don'ts of office wear. 

Invest In An Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units function by removing the warm air from inside your home and pumping it outside. By releasing the cool air back into the room an air con system can reduce the temperature and improve working conditions for everyone on a hot day. A crucial addition to most offices, we can ensure that the system you choose works in accordance with your specific requirements at a manageable cost, with aircon installation available.

Stay Hydrated

The NHS recommends that during humid weather conditions, you should drink plenty of fluids. Drinking lots of water not only reduces your chances of becoming dehydrated, but also cools you down. Devoid of added sugars, salts, and additives, pure water is what the human body needs to function. Avoiding drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol is advisable, as these types of beverage stimulate the production of urine, leading to dehydration.

As experts in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, we offer a range of professional services to make our customers as comfortable as possible. Whether you need ac installation for a residential property, or a ventilation system for the office environment, Westcott Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd are here for you. No matter what your requirements or budgetary restrictions, we have a bespoke solution for your home or business. Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any queries about our supply of the nation’s leading air conditioning companies, or if you have any enquiries about air con hire.

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