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Reasons You Should Get a Home Aircon Unit

Having a home aircon unit here in the UK is in no way the norm. We’re so used to fluctuating weather and drizzly summers that many homeowners still see home aircon units as an unnecessary expense. Just over a decade ago, only 0.5% of all homes or flats had an air conditioning unit. However, the increase in blisteringly hot summer heatwaves is pushing the demand for home aircon units across Europe and Britain. In 2018, more than 200,000 air conditioners were sold here in the United Kingdom.

Many people still seem to be unconvinced by the necessity of aircon. However, these units do far more than simply cool down the home. As we see that summers are getting increasingly hot, this cooling alone is a reason to invest. But it’s many of the other associated benefits of installing an air conditioning unit in your home that may provide the necessary impetus. Particularly now that many energy-efficient aircon models are on the market, one major negative of installing a unit has been allayed. To give you more info, we have created a helpful guide detailing just some of the reasons why you should consider installing a home aircon unit.

The Benefits of Installing a Home Aircon Unit

A Home Aircon Unit Will Make The Home More Comfortable During The Summer

First and foremost, a home aircon unit can make your property far more comfortable during the summer months. Just like with your central heating system, you’ll be able to set your aircon unit to a particular temperature and time it to come on at a particular point during the day.

In simple terms, air conditioning works by drawing warm air from inside your home through a vent and over a refrigerated coil which cools down the air. The warm air is pushed back outside and the cool air is circulated through the property. By cooling down the air in your property, you can escape the scorching summers and remain comfortable all year round.

Aircon Units Provide Better Air Quality In The Home

As well as cooling down the air, air conditioning units can improve the quality of the air. By filtering the air inside the home as it cools down and circulates it, aircon systems can reduce the number of pollutants in the air. For those who suffer from allergies and asthma, this can dramatically reduce the chance of an allergic reaction or asthma attack. The caveat to this benefit is that ACs must be kept in good condition, or they may end up contributing to poor air quality.

Aircon Will Fight Off Insects In The Home

Whether you’re scared of creepy crawlies or are sick of getting mosquito bites in the summer, a home aircon unit will help keep them out of your property. The filters inside aircon units can reduce the likelihood of insects getting into your property. As flies and other insects thrive in warmer climates, the cooler air will also deter them.

If You Work From Home, You Can Reduce The Likelihood of Devices Overheating

Many more people are working from home these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all work. However, in the summer, the heat can cause devices like laptops and computers to overheat. By investing in a high-quality home aircon unit, you can protect the electronic devices in your property. If you’ve found that you have to keep replacing your phones, computers, tablets and laptops or that they overheat regularly, an aircon unit could save you money! Too much heat can even lead to a loss of data for electronics. If this could put you in hot water with your company, a new aircon unit could be a necessity!

You Have Control Over The Temperature In Your Home

As mentioned previously, aircon installations will cool down your home. However, it’s the flexibility and control over the temperature that is a real lifesaver. If you have all of your electronics in one room, you could keep that room at the optimum temperature for work. If you need a slightly warmer temperature for the living room, that can be set. Similarly, you can keep your kid’s room at a completely different temperature. You can even set the aircon unit to change the temperature during different times in the day! That means no more sticky nights in bed and waking up in a sweat. 

You Can Reduce Humidity Which May Prevent Mould and Mildew

Humidity in the home can increase the likelihood that your property will succumb to mould and mildew. If your home is humid, mould will thrive. This can not only have health implications for those with respiratory issues, but it can also drive down the value of your home. Reducing humidity will ensure your property is as comfortable as possible and it will also help to fight unsightly mould.

Air Conditioning Engineers Can Now Supply Energy-Efficient Units

Air conditioning engineers and engineering has come along way over the years. Since the very first aircon units in the early 1900s, air conditioning engineers and air conditioning companies have realised that their products have been contributing to climate change. Some of the earliest models of home aircon units guzzled energy and left homeowners with a gargantuan carbon footprint. However, like much of today’s technology, energy-efficient models are now readily available.

Air conditioning engineers, and the air conditioning companies they work for, have created a range of ways to ensure that these systems are more efficient. This will save you money as well as help the environment. One innovation created by air conditioning engineers has been to efficiently control motor speeds to ensure that it runs consistently but at a lower level. This means that the peaks and troughs in energy consumption are lessened significantly. You can help reduce the energy consumption of your unit by upgrading your insulation and by reducing the fluctuations in temperature.

Air Conditioning Companies Often Also Offer Expert Repair and Maintenance Work as Part of Their Services

As well as providing installations, many air conditioning companies also offer a repair and maintenance schedule. Ensuring that you have regular check-ups and maintenance work means that your system will run smoothly, will keep the air quality at a high level and will ensure that the system runs as efficiently as possible in terms of consumption. By working with air conditioning companies on a maintenance schedule, you will save money on expensive repairs in the long run.

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