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How to Stay Cool in Hot Weather: From Aircon Installation to Hydration

This summer is predicted to be even hotter than the record-breaking temperatures of 2022. With that in mind, it’s important to prepare for any heat waves we may face this year. Typically, homes and businesses in the UK are not suited to high temperatures. This is because we usually only deal with high temperatures for a handful of days in the year. However, with more and more heat waves coming our way, what can you do to stay cool this summer?

summer sun

Install air conditioning

If your home or business doesn’t already have air conditioning, it’s worth considering aircon installation. When the temperatures get really high, a small fan just won’t cut it. Air conditioning can cool down entire rooms and homes easily by pumping cold air into the space. This can be a lifesaver for many people, particularly the elderly or vulnerable. Furthermore, you don’t want to make your employees come into the workplace on boiling hot days when you can’t offer them air conditioning.


Why not get ahead of the game and call your air conditioning engineer today? You could also consider air conditioning unit hire as a cheaper alternative.

Drink lots of water

This may seem obvious but many people forget to drink water. When it’s hot it’s vital to replace your fluids because your body will be sweating a lot to help you cool down. Opt for plain iced water and try to drink a glass at least every hour during the warmest times of the day. Avoiding coffee is also a good idea as it is a diuretic and makes you more dehydrated.

Avoid the sun between 11 am and 2 pm

Although it can be tempting to hop outside at midday to top up your tan, this isn’t a good idea in high temperatures. Sunburn and heatstroke are most likely to occur when you are exposed to the sun at these times. This doesn’t mean you can’t go outside during these hours, but it’s best not to lay out or play sports at the height of the day.

Refrigerate or freeze your bedsheets

It sounds strange but in a similar fashion to putting your sheets in the tumble dryer to keep them warm, you can put your sheets in the fridge half an hour before bedtime. They should stay cold for long enough to help you fall asleep.


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