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How To Maintain Your Heat Pump Safely And Effectively

There are many ways you can DIY maintain and service your heat pump however it’s crucial to know when to let an expert heat pump installer take charge of the situation.

heat pump outside of window

Who can maintain a heat pump?

An FGas certificate is required for anybody working with heat pump service that requires checking the refrigerant. Ask for their certificate before the service so that you know they can service your heat pump if they have it. For installations simply without the need to examine refrigerant components, an installer does not need an FGas certificate.

Why do they need regular maintenance?

Unique temperature management methods like air-to-air heat pumps don't need as much upkeep as conventional heating systems. However, if you want to get the most use out of your unit, use these easy maintenance tips and have it serviced annually.


The system's longevity and energy efficiency may be maintained by scheduling maintenance, conducting periodic spot checks, and performing routine cleaning. After all, routine inspections are much more economical in the long term than sporadic fixes. They increase effectiveness, consume less energy, and lessen the likelihood that the system will malfunction. If you take care of your air-to-air heat pump, it should last for many years.

Clear air filters

Cleaning air filters regularly improves performance since clogged filters restrict airflow, which lowers efficiency. While heat pumps are made to work outside, maintaining outdoor units properly helps extend their lifespan. By clearing away excess snow, ice, and debris from the unit and keeping the space around it clear of trash and plants, you'll avoid airflow blockages.

Don’t change the temperature too much

It uses more energy when you keep changing the thermostat, much like when you keep turning things on and off. Determine the most comfortable temperature for your house during the heating and cooling seasons and maintain it to maximise efficiency. You should generally steer clear of lowering the thermostat during the heating season to less than 65 degrees. If you constantly change the temperature of your ashp heater, the pump will have to work harder constantly which means the heat pump as a result will wear out a lot quicker than if you aim to maintain a more constant temperature.


Westcott Air Conditioning have many expert heat pump installers near you in the Coventry area. If you have any questions surrounding the installation or maintenance of your heat pump please contact us for more information. 

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