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How To Keep Your Home Office Cool This Summer

Updated: May 10

As home working grows in popularity for companies across the nation, employees are tasked with creating a unique space in their property, which is spacious and formal enough to act as an office away from the office. Alongside the basic tech set-up, desk area, and gadgets, there are other factors to consider, including the placement within your home of this space, the general working conditions, and speed of internet connection. One element which you unfortunately can’t control is the weather - and overwhelmingly humid conditions are to be expected this year. 

Thankfully, Westcott Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are here to advise you on the ideal ways to keep your home workplace cool during the Summer, with considerations as varied as keeping your attire sensible, investing in handy gadgets, and much more.

A man working at a desk underneath an AC unit

Block The Sun

Though plenty of sunlight is proven to benefit workplace productivity, if you’re feeling overwhelmed due to the heat within the home office space, blocking out sunlight can help to produce a cooler interior. Closing blinds, drawing curtains and somewhat obstructing the path for natural light to enter your workspace will almost always create a cooler interior. You may want to alternate between periods of exposure to light and spells of working with the widows obscured.

Air Conditioning 

Air conditioning units are invaluable within the office building, but what to do when you’re working from the domestic office? Home aircon unit installation is surprisingly inexpensive, with specialists on hand to competently maintain and secure air conditioning units in the home. Not only will air conditioning make for a cooler office area,but your entire family will benefit from the refreshing breeze sustained by one of these helpful units. The Mitsubishi MSZ AP25-50VGK in particular is a stylish and efficient choice. 

Keep Yourself Comfortable

As much as you can do within the home workplace to maintain comfortable conditions, keeping yourself hydrated, wearing appropriate clothing and consuming healthy food will give you an added boost when tasked with completing tasks and running errands. Consuming 1 cup (8 ounces) of water every 15–20 minutes is ideal, while you should wear baggy clothing and shorts when possible to reduce the chances of overheating.

Desk Fans

Desk fans are a great way to cool down when the temperatures are high, with these convenient gadgets sitting atop a desk and either plugged into an electrical outlet or powered by batteries. Though they don’t retain the usefulness of larger traditional fans, a desk fan is portable and multifunctional, allowing for easy transport into the workplace when required.

We are a leading provider of air conditioning solutions, air source heat pumps, domestic venting and much more. When you work with an air conditioning engineer from Westcott Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, you can expect premium customer service, an ever-growing product range, as well as a smooth installation process. With award-winning Mitsubishi Electric cooling equipment, and heating devices for the Winter months, contact us today with any home aircon unit installation queries.

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