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How Do Air Conditioners Work and Where Should I Install One?

Before buying an air conditioning unit, it's important that you firstly understand how one works. This will allow  you to make the best decision when you come to choose a model. It’s similarly important to understand where it ought to be installed in a given room as this greatly impacts the effectiveness of the overall system.

Here’s all you’ll need to know:

How Do Air Conditioning Units Work?

The warm air is drawn from the desired room and pulled into the air conditioning system via a fan. This air flows over cold evaporator pipes inside the machine which cool this air down whilst a dehumidifier extracts any excess moisture. Then the coolant that flows through the chilling pipes absorbs the heat from the air passing through which turns it from a cool liquid into a warm gas.

This warm gas is pumped outside as it won’t help to cool the room down. The coolant flows through both a compressor unit and a condenser which turn it back into a cool liquid. Cold air is then pumped into the room which, over time, mixes with the existing air to reduce the average temperature and humidity of the space.

Top Tip: Remember to keep your air conditioner unit filled with a refrigerant and some oil so that it runs smoothly. It also needs lubricating every once in a while because, much like the human body, these units also suffer from circulation and joint issues if they’re left unused for longer periods of time.

Where Should I Install an Air Conditioning Unit?

As we were all taught at school, hot air rises whilst cold air sinks. This means that, for the most effective recirculation pattern, it’s best to place your air conditioner in the top half of the room, preferably close to the ceiling. This allows for a larger flow of recirculation which will reduce the room’s temperature and humidity at a quicker pace.

It’s important that you avoid installing the air conditioner too near to the door of a room. When a door opens and closes, it alters the draft of the room and brings new, unconditioned air in whilst letting conditioned air out. To maximise the air conditioner’s efficiency by limiting the amount this happens, install your air conditioner at least half a room’s width away from the door.

For similar reasons, it’s best to avoid installing an air conditioning unit by a heater. This is because it will focus on conditioning the warm air let off by this heater rather than drawing in air from around the room. This would be the air conditioning equivalent of a dog chasing its tail!

If you have any further questions about air conditioning units then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Westcott Air Conditioning by calling 0800 085 0904 today!

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