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Ventilation that works for you

Improve your air quality

Ventilation systems that work to contribute to your heating and air conditioning systems are available at Westcott Air Conditioning. By recovering waste energy and feeding that back into your building in addition to refreshing stale air, you get better air quality in your property along with a reduction in energy costs.

Higher air quality combined with a saving of up to 30% on initial capital costs of heating and cooling plant means substantial benefits for your building, no matter what size it is. Our Lossnay systems can be installed and maintained with one easy phone call.

Mitsubishi Lossnay system

The secrets of the Lossnay system

  • Effective ventilation
  • Efficient total heat exchange
  • Good energy recovery
  • Free cooling function (LGH series)
  • Part L2 building regulations compliant
  • Perfect for large buildings including schools & offices
  • Smaller models available for residential properties

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 Lossnay VL 100U5 E ventilation unit

The Residential model

  • Suitable for small offices with high insulation
  • Effective fresh air ventilation
  • Efficient recovery of heating/cooling energy
  • Good sound attenuation
  • Reduces heating/cooling costs
  • Simple installation and low maintenance 

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 Lossnay LGH 50RSDC E1 ventilation unit

Great for modern homes

  • Effective fresh air ventilation
  • Efficient recovery of heating/cooling energy
  • Good sound attenuation
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Low power consumption with 5 variable fan speeds
  • "Hyper Eco Core" facilitating improved humidity penetration
  • By-pass mode for 'free cooling'. Including new power mode to supply a greater volume of fresh, cool air - for instance during summer nights

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  Lossnay LGH 15RX5 ventilation unit

LGH-15RX5-E to LGH-200RX5-E
Commercial models

  • Effective fresh air ventilation
  • High heat recovery
  • Free cooling function
  • Good sound attenuation
  • "Hyper Eco Core". At only 25um the Lossnay core uses one of the thinnest papers in the world to achieve high enthalpy exchange efficiency
  • Various sizes available depending on your needs

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Remove stale air and save energy with our ventilation systems
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