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Heat and cool from a single unit

Heat pumps are an all year round solution

Air conditioning is a very energy efficient way to heat and cool your premises. Even at sub-zero temperatures, the air con system can draw heat energy from the atmosphere and use it to warm your building. Heat pump systems can be up to 4 times more efficient than a fossil fuel boiler and radiator system.

At Westcott Air Conditioning, we sell the Mitsubishi range of heat pumps for their impressive quiet operation and energy savings. The models feature Nano Platinum filters which collect dust better than traditional filters for superior air cleaning. The I-Save mode models have a setting function to recall your preferred temperature at a touch of a button.

 Mitsubishi MSZ GE GA-VA heat pump

Inverter Heat Pump

  • Wall mounted system
  • Industry leading noise levels
  • Distinctively styled panel
  • Easy to clean
  • Silent mode
  • New I-Save mode

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 Mitsubishi  PCA RP heat pump

Standard Inverter Heat Pump

  • Ceiling suspended system
  • Indoor unit
  • Flush to wall installation
  • Conceals service connections
  • 3-Phase standard inverter
  • Hot start – draught protection

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 heat pump unit

Power Inverter Heat Pump

  • Wall mounted system
  • Infra-red remote controller
  • Compact, flat indoor unit design
  • Adjustable louvers for uniform air distribution
  • Easy and neat installation
  • Auto-restart and Auto-changeover

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 Mitsubishi PLA RP heat pump

Standard Inverter Heat Pump

  • 4-Way blow ceiling cassette system
  • Airflow controller for ceiling heights up to 4.2m
  • Reduced draft air distribution
  • Optional ‘I See Sensor’ for energy saving
  • 72 airflow patterns to choose from
  • 3-Phase standard inverter

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